Godzilla vs. Giant Eagle / by Will Ringland

Godzilla vs Giant Eagle
(With apologies to Godzilla who is less destructive)

The radicalized bird Hit me first, hit
us. I hit back and maybe harder
than it hit me. I would say not all of them
are terrorists but...
the ones that would fly in
could fly in present a major issue

You think ISIS is not going to put birds?
ISIS is going to put birds there. We've been
attacked pretty viciously.
I will tell you, we have to be in a position where
that never, ever, ever,
ever happens.

Birds can take out the East Coast
Birds can take out the Midwest,
Birds can take out things that were unthinkable.

I’m not creating the fear. People are living in fear.

I'm not scared; the birds are seriously
beautiful. But extra cranky.