I Think I Can Help by Will Ringland


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

My biggest concern for the next few years is the combination of President-elect Dingus Tramp and a Congress with a spatial relationship to conservatism akin to Earth's closeness to Alpha Centauri1. They can push a very aggressive legislative agenda very quickly through the process. That means ACA, Medicare, Social Security, arts and science funding, anything that's not buying more artillery can be gutted. Too many people dear to me can be affected by this.

Reflecting on the results of the election these last few weeks has left me feeling angry and powerless. I do not like feeling angry or powerless. Nor do most of you. All these emotions do is serve to paralyze me, paralyze us, from doing anything useful. And, like terrorism, it wins when we are left stewing in inaction.

    Powerlessness stems from two places:
  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Lack of clear next steps

The best way to affect change is through dedicated, consistent efforts. After a number of friends posted that Speaker Ryan had set up phone poll about keeping the ACA, I had and idea. And I think I can help. I've developed the skill to read and understand legislation. I know how to track the bills, track the committees and committee members introducing legislation, and I know how to dial a phone. What I'm going to endeavor to do for the foreseeable future is read the laws as the come through, digest them, and tell you about them. And then tell you who to call.

With knowlwdge, it will then be up to us to do the easy thing of telling people in DC how terrible we think it is.

Knowledge is power. But you have to use that power to do something. I think I can help.

1. It is waaaaaaaaaay out there.

Godzilla vs. Giant Eagle by Will Ringland

Godzilla vs Giant Eagle
(With apologies to Godzilla who is less destructive)

The radicalized bird Hit me first, hit
us. I hit back and maybe harder
than it hit me. I would say not all of them
are terrorists but...
the ones that would fly in
could fly in present a major issue

You think ISIS is not going to put birds?
ISIS is going to put birds there. We've been
attacked pretty viciously.
I will tell you, we have to be in a position where
that never, ever, ever,
ever happens.

Birds can take out the East Coast
Birds can take out the Midwest,
Birds can take out things that were unthinkable.

I’m not creating the fear. People are living in fear.

I'm not scared; the birds are seriously
beautiful. But extra cranky.

Good People Just Don't Go Into Politics by Will Ringland

So I dithered on posting this for fear of offending people, even though I like what I wrote. I'm chosing to post it not that I don't care but because I was hesitant and because I like it. Ultimately, I write for me more than I write for you (and for the fist time I say that with conviction and truth).

I also find it funny because I had zero hesitation posting a poetry about giant, monster dicks. That was a little silly. This? I dunno? A greatly feared truth?

Anyway. I'm sorry if you're offended; you have every right to be. It is, after all, political poetry.

Good people just don't go into politics.

in a room lit with mockery
the man with the astonishing coiffure
pounds a fist full of
old glory against his cock
It doesn't matter
what the media write
as long as
you've got a young
and beautiful piece of ass.