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Happy Budai by Will Ringland

Photo project themes are an organic, dynamic entity. They evolve as a photographer's taste and eye and life change over days and months and years. You can kinda maybe sorta direct the flow of them but you end up with something Not Quite Right.

Budai is traditionally depicted as a fat, bald man wearing a robe and wearing or otherwise carrying prayer beads. He carries his few possessions in a cloth sack, being poor but content. His figure appears throughout Chinese culture as a representation of contentment.

According to Chinese history, Budai was an eccentric Chan monk (Chinese: 禅; pinyin: chán) who lived in China during the Later Liang (907–923). He was a native of Zhejiang and his Buddhist name was Qieci (Chinese: 契此; pinyin: qiècǐ; literally: "Promise this").

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He was considered a man of good and loving character.

Nifty Houses (oh and also I'm learning Lightroom [finally]) by Will Ringland

Cottage quaint

Cottage quaint

Modern chic

Modern chic

I went to brunch with Barista Powers this past Sunday. As is my jam, I got up early and opted to go to the cafe attached to Metcalf's 4 hours before brunch.

I mean, I'd been up for an hour, so.. yeah.

Our goal was to trade photo editing secrets. He wanted to steal my sweet golden shimmer (not that) and I wanted to consume his fabulous Lightroom thinkmeats. I've been meaning to convert to Lightroom since Apple dropped support for Aperture but the mental battlement it is to start anew, including the "what the shit do I do with the libraries?", is kind of intimidating. Having someone walk me through the application as well as figure out how to recreate my visuals breaks down that wall.

So I been playing around with All The Sliders and I think I can get the split toning pretty well. The glow represented in these photos came via a preset subsequently tweaked to get the tone. As much as I think it worked here, presets aren't consistent so I have to figure out the glow piece that doesn't depend on all the preset junk.

Hopefully switching to Lightroom will help with some depth as well since I can edit the RAW files rather than the JPGs.

Also: cross processing works way better when I have full color control. Less color overlay look and more direct tonal range color shifting which is what cross processing actually is.

The two houses were in the neighborhood on the other side of Midvale from Hilldale. Two very different styles, both of which I find raher appealing.

Faceless Cafe

Faceless Cafe

PS: We went to The Great Dane for brunch.

If you've never been, you should.
(do it now!)