Opening the books. / by Will Ringland

Did you know I used to be a professional photographer? (I had a tax ID and everything.) I shot a few weddings, some modeling, and some products; I really enjoyed, even the gruelingly long days following a bride and groom through a day of prep, we'd, and party.

But my real, true love was Street.

I love the narrative of a normal day. I love the story you can see in people, in a single shot.


I like the little moments that people just exist in.


I like cold, ugly reality.


I like the fleeting glimpse of another world.


And I love the little joys and absurdities.

I eventually put down the camera when I started getting Bunny arose off the ground. Now, as I find a little more consistency and, frankly, have my brain in straight, I'm finding more desire to shoot again.

With my brain on straight, I want to find the story, the arc, the dynamism out there.

With my brain on straight, I am less of a closed book to the world.

With my brain on straight, I can actually see those perfect moments.