Work Analog / by Will Ringland

From Cal Newport via Patrick Rhone:

A computer is a portal to near endless distraction. Because we use these machines for so much of our efforts, the staccato rhythm of broken concentration they generate begins to feel natural — as if this is the necessary experience of work.
- Work Analog

This is the biggest reason I can't work easily on my iPad - distractions (1) - even though I really enjoy writing on it. And, with the limited time I have to write, have been using Ulysses III in a dedicated space (2) on my Mac.

I am regularly looking for ways to use analog methods for idea tracking and creation and editing but continually turn to digital tools for expedience (3). I do, however, dedicate applications for certain parts of the process which helps with flow.

I find the idea of writing a book on paper a bizarre romantic ideal.

Editing a book on paper? An attainable romantic ideal.

1. And since I use scheduled Do Not Disturb settings on it, it's hard to disable notifications ad hoc. I want a writing app that forces all notifications off.

2. Both a physical space in my morning routine - a chair as Newport uses - and in OS X. The latter I reserve only for Ulysses so when I'm there, my brain focuses. It helps with 1 above.

3. Excuses, sure.