Happy Budai / by Will Ringland

Photo project themes are an organic, dynamic entity. They evolve as a photographer's taste and eye and life change over days and months and years. You can kinda maybe sorta direct the flow of them but you end up with something Not Quite Right.

Budai is traditionally depicted as a fat, bald man wearing a robe and wearing or otherwise carrying prayer beads. He carries his few possessions in a cloth sack, being poor but content. His figure appears throughout Chinese culture as a representation of contentment.

According to Chinese history, Budai was an eccentric Chan monk (Chinese: 禅; pinyin: chán) who lived in China during the Later Liang (907–923). He was a native of Zhejiang and his Buddhist name was Qieci (Chinese: 契此; pinyin: qiècǐ; literally: "Promise this").

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He was considered a man of good and loving character.