Wasteland Wandering / by Will Ringland

Gah! Color! 

Gah! Color! 

I Did A Thing

I went outside wearing color. Not only color but a *hoodie.

And my outfit was themed.

Opting to play a little with layering, I mostly wanted to discover if my new jacket had enough space to have a thicker material under it and still not choke me with sweat.


T plus hoodie plus denim jacket was much more breathable than expected. This felt like a very successful sartorial exploration. But, wow, did I feel weird wearing color out of the house.

Which was good because we went foraging and came home with ~20 pounds of vegetables. O_O Sweaty digging.


  • UB901 raw denim jacket
  • Denizen jeans
  • Redwing Blacksmith in burgundy (I was incorrect when saying they were Iron Rangers before)

Theme: Fallout

  • Fallout Wasteland Whiskey t-shirt
  • Fallout Vault 101 hoodie

It Me!