Iterate iterate iterate / by Will Ringland

Version 3

Version 3

Never content (or posted the other too early?) I made two more revisions. Removing the computer frame around the bug was an obvious improvement in the second revision. The computer was unnecessary and bulky. The bug is the more recognized symbol for a QA engineer. I had also removed the lines and kept the text left aligned.

And then stared at it for a good 2 minutes before saving it off then doing something else.

When I came back to it, I reworded the principles in the third iteration and moved the developer one to the end for a better balance in the text. The text block looks a little more like a heart this way, which is nice. This is not to say respecting development is the lowest priority but to remove that impression, I chose not to include ordinals. These things aren't hierarchical.

I think I prefer this over the 1st version, sure, but I'll probably change something again later! What do you think? Do the principles ring true for those of you that do QA work?