Finished mural, interesting stills. / by ABMann

Merged Mural, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Copmleted! Click through for a larger version suitable for zooming in on details.

Points of interest:
Zombie Squirrel! - on the wall at left.
Fallout Boy Emblem - top left
Warning: Risk of Crushing sign - far right
Building names - top center


Doomsday hug

Doomsday Hokah

Doomsday Coffee

Doomsday YAR!

I tell you, I adore the art process. I'm fascinated watching painters create - how they hold the brush, the furrowed brow, the - uh - apparent frustration of the whole thing?

This is something you don't get with photography. The process is physics, pushing a button to release a shutter. There's not much there for human interest specific to the creation of each photo. Unless you really like photos and have a really, really quick eye.

So, doing something like this is exceptionally interesting to me and I hope I have an opportunity to do it again.

Maybe I should start doing time-lapse videos of my at work or some such.