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A wolf by any other name on Flickr.

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A wolf by any other name

I’ve tried a few times to write about this which would be my first tattoo in my wampum arm tattoo. I’m finding it hard to explain in a meaningful way because it is about some of my deeper spiritual beliefs and because it is so central to how I see the world that it sort if defies explanation. It just is.

During the journey I obliquely referenced in the Two Bears post I was introduced to my spirit guides. One of them, the first, was a gray wolf I always referred to as “Grandfather.”

Spirit guides are as they sound: entities that exist to help us through life.

Do I believe they are real in the falsifiable, empirical way? No.
Do I believe they have a presence to me in a psychological or emotional way? Yes

It’s like prayer or meditation. I refer to my guides, my inner voices, when I’m unsure if something in my life. Or when I’m feeling ungrounded from things day to day, I ponder what one if them would do. Meditation seems the best parallel. Or a Socratic dialogue. Aspects of me are conversing to help me to a choice.

So. I couch my terms in somewhat less ridiculous terms. Which is probably telling but doesn’t reduce the utility of internal dialogue. Of introspection no matter what form or voice it takes.